Friday Prayer

Salah - 02:00PM

Khutbah (Sermon)​ - 1:30PM

Note: Open to both Men & Women. Khutbah is in English.

Note: Open to both Men & Women.
Khutbah is in English.

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Service Description

The counseling services offered at the mosque provide local community members a safe and confidential space for individuals seeking support and guidance. Our counselors are trained professionals who offer culturally sensitive and faith informed counseling to address a wide range of concerns, such as mental health, relationship issues, grief, and stress management. We strive to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where individuals can explore their challenges, find healing, and strengthen their spiritual well-being.

We believe in equal access to mental health services for all community members. Our sessions are available at a fee of $50 per session for clients who can afford it. However, we understand that financial limitations should not be a barrier to receiving help, so no one will be turned away based on their financial situation. To ensure that we can serve as many people as possible, we limit our services to three sessions per client. For long-term services, we recommend referring to our mental health services resource page.

Our Counselors

Imam Abdullahi Jaranow

Abdullahi Jaranow is the imam of OBK Islamic Center and a licensed mental health counselor associate. With a focus on holistic support, he is dedicated to providing education, mental health services, and building a strong community. Abdullahi Jaranow holds a BA in Fiqh and Psychology, as well as a MA in Psychology from the University of Washington.

Samira Omar

Samira Omar is a licensed clinical social worker with a background in trauma counseling and expertise in anxiety, depression, and childhood trauma. She provides a safe and supportive space for clients, empowering them to develop skills and clarity as they navigate life challenges. Samira honors each client’s unique healing journey through self-compassion and self-care through a person-centered and strength-based approach